Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nice geyser - 12/08/2008

Well.. The Old Faithfull Snow Lodge won't be on our fave list, no air con, no peace & quiet either! However its a damned good place to go & watch Old faithful do its stuff.

From there we took another scenic drive through Wyoming, out of yellowstone, We encountered lots of massive tracts of roadworks

We stopped for a picnic up a dirt track. Ian engaged the warp engines ( 4 wheel drive) gave us all concussion..we ate our sarnies overlooking scenery you can only dream of.

We crossed country until we reached Lander, a town half way between nowhere & the national park of Tetton..tonight we discovered a gem of a chinese . We spent $39 on starters main course & drinks! (£20) They have probably never met English people b4 as lots of locals asked us where we were from & how we were enjoying our hols. We are local celebs they may erect a monument in our honour.

til next time....if they let us leave???

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