Tuesday, August 12, 2008

No bears again! - 11/08/2008

View through our front door this morning...

Well what can I say? the clue is in the title….. You guessed it NO BEARS!!!!!!

The bears were no were to be found we even looked by rivers, but still no bears.
The best part of today was swimming in the Gibbon river we (as in me and Ian , mum was too busy catching the rays before home) We did a currant ride as in we jumped into a seemingly bottomless pool struggled to keep our heads over water and floated through a tunnel of rocks. Pretty cool!!!!

We travelled through the famous arch of Yellowstone (We had no clue about it until today!)

Met some very friendly chipmunks (Alvin Simon and Theodore) who came up to us sniffed us, put their paws on us and……bit Ian.

Its state law not to feed the wild life in Yellowstone so mum thought it was a good idea to feed the chipmunks Cajun mix (spicy nuts).

Love Hollie xxxxx

= - =

Hollie of course missed out the “boring stuff”, We took Ian’s tour through Yellowstone & stopped at some more damned impressive Geysers ,some of which erupted seemingly to order.

The colours created by the various chemicals & minerals created a rainbow of colours in the pools & rock formations, We endured more of the horrendous pong ( not just Hollie!).

Tonight we are checked into the Old faithful snow lodge which is currently not very snowy at all!
Tomorrow morning we have a date with old faithful herself.

Still no bears : (

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