Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Drive to Longmont - 13/08/2008

After checking out of our best western in Lander. We began our 6 hour drive to Longmont.
Its truly amazing to watch the landscapes change, from arid desert where the cactus rules ok, to verdant grassy plains, snow capped mountains populated with stands of lush aspen trees reflected in sparkling lakes.

We stopped for lunch in a town called Centennial ( population 100! ) just inside Wyoming .This collection of buildings on a dusty road boasts no less than 3 eateries we chose “Old Corral“ a strange Saloon/hotel/restaurant complete with gift shop & large plastic cowboys posed outside. Once again we proved to be star attractions with our “ cute English accents”..

We stopped at some Antique shops known here as flea markets, we didn’t need any fleas but I am missing an expired licence plate for Montana so the search continues .

We arrived in Longmont for our last 2 nights boo hoo.. The hawthorn Suites has already demonstrated a smashing pool for min & a great room with spacious bathroom, Wish we’d brought Casper we could easily have swung him in there.

More later !


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