Friday, August 1, 2008

left tombstone and now in elpaso

trailriders inn (our room) view on the way to Elpaso
Evening meal at our hotel in Elpaso
View from our window

we left our trailriders inn and travelled 300 miles to El Paso. We managed 18 miles per gallon!

Our hotel is good, but El Paso seems to be under re-construction. We ventured out of the hotel last night but soon returned to the hotel resturant.

The Hotel boasts a glass dome ceiling in its bar multicoloured Tiffany style. We found the roof top pool ( basic but we never used a roof top pool b4!)

Min enjoyed her dinner of traditional tacos and a chicken salad which was sadly covered in cheese, however she painstakingly removed every piece.

we've just had our all you can eat breakfast buffet ( i'm guessing this concept will be reviewed now theyv'e met Ian )

Off to find our Border Hopper bus if this is our last entry & we never return from the wilds of Juarez..please play something nice at the memorial service.

Adios amigos

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