Friday, August 1, 2008

Juarez the armpit of the world

we love this art Glass dome at the hotel
the Rio Grande
all you can eat pig out at the chinese buffet in Carlsbad

Before we went to Mexico (or whatever you like to call it I know our name for it but more about that later.) we went to El Paso museum of art/fart were we saw the original oil painting of George Washington that is used on the bank notes, We also saw lots of religious paintings.
We went to the ticket office and caught the tram style bus across the border, We got off at the market.

As soon as we got inside we were bombarded with lots of Mexican stall holders trying to foist their tut & rubbish on us, Every “hello “& “would you like?” was answered with a definite “ No thank you” from us.

Finally we found a nice old couple who managed to con mummy out of a pile of cash for some silver jewellery.
We still had 2 hours to wait but we’d had enough, we took our lives in our grubby little paws and walked 9 blocks to the border and back to the hotel.
Ian drove us on to Carlsbad & to our Days inn hotel & mummy found her beloved laundry!
We had a refreshing dip in the pool & I am composing this blog from the local Chinese buffet.Boy are we stuffed like teddy bears?
Ian is giving me “the look” in case I get chow mein in his new toy
Love teddy bear Hollie xx

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  1. Hmmmmmm bloddy hell not more silver!!!!! Hey hollie you will inhierit all that!!!!