Thursday, July 31, 2008

Its mighty hot here in Tombstone

Its mighty hot here in Tombstone, our day began with a trip to Boothill graveyard, ( so named because due to the climate ,speedy burials were essential in the 1880’s resulting in being buried with yer boots on) where many colourful characters now reside, including the victims of the famous gunfight at the OK corral.

On to the birdcage theatre no longer a working theatre it has been left in its original dilapidated condition & stuffed with memorabilia ( Ian says tat) Many famous names of the 19th century played there , Lily Langtry , Caruso etc .
The birdcage is one of Americas most haunted sites, we met a nut called Rachel who’d seen 7 ghosts there.(.“herbal “cigarettes are very popular here )

Lunch at the OK café b4 going to a re-enactment of the actual gunfight 40 mins of acting to reach the exciting event which is reported to have lasted only 30 secs!

We rode a Mail coach around town & had a guided tour and for me a cold beer in the Crystal Palace Saloon.

Min liked the Disney inspired air conditioned Virtual tour & our visit to the Court house Museum where she was able to do a “ judge Judy” impression..


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