Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last day - 14/08/2008

Not the last day! we are not coming back (don't tell Ian tho!) Its too sad ;(

Today we took it easy.. We got up late, missed the complimentary breakfast much to Ians disgust!
Took a trip to the local mall trying in vain to find Bradley a Mexico soccer shirt "Dicks " Didn't have it , we looked in all the "Dicks" we could find, Trust me I don't mind lookin at "Dicks " but even their manager said " sorry, no we at Dicks have no mexico soccer shirts ". "Oh bugger ." said Debs.

Anyway we went shopping & stopped for lunch in a "New York " Deli. We shared a genuine hot dog, a gyro & a corned beef Reuben all genuine NEW YORK DELI foods.

Well, always worth trying something u only ever heard of in the movies!

This afternoon we swam in the pool & got caught out by a thunderstorm.. This evenings weather talks of extreme weather (kids a few miles away posing in snow!).

Tonight we had a farewell curry at a local curry house, they seemed to struggle with the concept of different strengths of curry.. Mild, Medium & vindaloo all seemed to come from the same vat of spices, so Ian got to eat most of the curry! We won't starve .. trust me!

Lovin all the comments we get back xx

see ya sooner than we'd really like !


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