Friday, August 15, 2008

Denver to Heathrow or Bust! - 15/08/2008

us in the terminal at can see our airoplane behind us
The skies are grey & full of Rain.
It rained all night & the bad weather continued this morning & Ian had to pull the car under the Hotel awning to load our bags without drowning. The Roads were trecherous & we spotted lots of cars pulled over with State troopers in attendance. The windscreen wipers battled valliently with the deluge.
We arrived with our topped up gas tank at the Avis drop off, where we were greeted by Mao Tse Tungs elder brother who scanned the bar code on our car windscreen mumbled something & toddled off. We had travelled a total of 3480 miles during our stay... WOW, we opened our trunk ( Boot to you english folks ) and a part time santa look-alike avis employee , later identifying himself as "Gordon ",took one look at our mass of luggage & offered to drive us straight to the airport terminal, blimey what a bonus , we happily coughed up a $10 tip in recognition of santas kindness!
Denver airport cannot be regarded as one of our top attractions this holiday , However theres nothing wrong with their Panda Express.. chinese fast food ( especially when they forget to charge us for one of our meals :)

We are sitting at gate A37 we can see our plane waiting to bring us home , sardine style.
The grey weather continues here..Hope you guys have ordered us something better for when we get home.

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