Saturday, August 2, 2008

Carlsbad Caverns ( boy They are big !)

Carlsbad Caverns ( boy They are big !)
Nearly late for our tour of the Left hand tunnel, as its imaginatively titled..
Ian hanging around in his boxers & WE ARE READY TO GO.
We met our Guide Gosha at the 754 Ft below surface meeting point.
Gosha ( from Poland originally) explained to us that this was a demanding 2 hr hike,
Meaning its not poss to do it in your car says Ian.
We set off into the left hand tunnel carrying our candles ( YES CANDLES for an authentic pioneer effect)
We were told we would climb the” hill of death” which turned out to be a pile of small rocks, this proved hazardous for many elderly people in our team (mummy….half drunk ha ha)
We saw many stalactites and stalagmites . Rock pools , bottomless pits and fossils were frequent.
This was an amazing experience and towards the end of the tour we sat on a part of the cave floor and turned all our lanterns off. Wow it was dark when Gosha lit all the lanterns again it was a weird sensation.
Love hollie

This afternoon Ian drove us to Roswell Alien capital of the world & having visited the museum & research centre I can say “I still don’t believe in aliens”.
It was however great fun & we stocked up on kitch souvenirs.
I will say goodnight from the Cattle Baron Steak & seafood eatery..Ian has just demolished a massive steak!
Currently no mobile signal so not getting texts. If this is our last entry we may have been abducted & probed !!
Love Debs


  1. its good to know about it? where did you get that information?

  2. I met an alien once; one that Ian interviewed then hired!

  3. Yum Yum Bottom carpet stair.... :)

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