Friday, August 8, 2008

Bears (oh, and Mount Rushmore) - 08/08/2008

Bear causing a traffic jam

We drove to Mount Rushmore Via The crazy horse memorial ( The Indian version )
Mount Rushmore is stunning, Min thought it was smaller than she expected. We took the Presidential trail around the monument & read about the presidents Roosevelt, Lincoln, Jefferson & Washington,

The weather was beautiful & a giant Ice cream finished our visit.

Hollie convinced Ian and Mummy to take her to bear country USA its like longleat but with American animals.
We saw wolfs ,big horn sheep, mountain lions, reindeer and the biggest group of bears I have ever seen there were about 30+ of them.
Then we went to a part of Bear country USA where smaller animals live like otters lynx badgers foxes coyotes and the bunch of 15 baby bears they were born in January but are still cute little balls of fluff constantly playing or………… sleeping when we first saw them they just looked like a mess of legs how cute..See my video below... (click the play button)

Then we arrived at the Occidental Hotel…. More on that later…

Love Hollie xxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. I want to Know what that bear is doing in the middle of the road??? Looks a bit suspect to me!