Saturday, August 9, 2008


Well what can I say? We entered the Occidental Hotel only to be transported back to the 1900’s.
The lobby boasts a grand piano, Dusty Drapes , Dried flower displays & allsorts of curios from the hey day of the cowboy …No elevator for Ian ( & I don’t travel light ! ) Our Room The Bordello Suite was actually part of a working whore house til 1972. The rooms have been lovingly restored to their former glory by the current owners. Our room complete with brass frame bed & a chandelier had so many gilt framed mirrors it made all my cheeks blush, Min had her choice of 2 further rooms decked out in a similar style with “tasteful “ period nudes framed on every wall.. The bathroom with claw foot bath & separate loo with high mounted cistern completed the illusion.
Along the hall we found an ancient kitchen with Buffalo skin upholstered chairs salvaged from a 1930’s casino, allowing us the luxury of coffee. A few doors down we were astonished to find an enormous library stuffed with Fossils & genuine dinosaur bones.
Our entire experience was phenomenal, although somewhat spooky with creaky floorboards & pissed doors, one of which features the scars of being beaten on by the butt of a 6 shooter wielded by a disgruntled customer, who could not get the company of his fave girl as she was already “entertaining “.

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  1. SUPRISE i have had Lawrence Lowellen-Bowen in from changing rooms and as you liked the Whore house decor sooo much he has mimicked the hole fascade for you :) ha ha Liam XXX