Thursday, August 7, 2008


This is custer....

A deer outside our cabin...
Another day of travel from The garden of the Gods 7+ hours Phew!

Last nights Indian had mixed reviews, Ian’s vindaloo can still be heard a rumblin now! My Jalfrasi sank like a damp squib : (

We Journeyed through Wyoming & into South Dakota , We have finally Sussed out why we see hordes of Harley Riding Bikers wherever we go, There is some type of Rally taking place over the last week or so focusing on the black hills. This town is Custer & without the bikers who have truly taken the place over, it would be a peach of a place to visit.

Our cabin is amazing Ian says it smells like MFI ( Pine). We have more space than we know what to do with & a massive veranda over looking the town, the bikers are a tad noisy but with Ian’s air conditioning on full pelt we shouldn’t be disturbed.

Mount Rushmore awaits us tomorrow ..some old dead presidents carved out of bits of rock I believe??

Night Night xxx

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