Sunday, August 10, 2008

No Bears! - 10/08/2008

Today we went to Yellowstone…the drive was mighty scenic we stopped for lots of photo opportunities, At the various Geysers we took a number of hikes to points of interest.. the overwhelming aroma was of Sulphur ( Rotten eggs & Burnt rubber ).

At one point we left the car to visit a specific geyser & walked straight past a mighty Bison Warming himself by the roadside.

Further along we stopped at an overlook & witnessed a herd of Bison on the plains taking mud baths & fighting , Mothers were leading their young & teaching them.

Ian took a strenuous hike to view the water falls in Yellowstone’s own version of the grand canyon, When he reappeared we thought he might need CPR!

Sadly we were unable to find any bears. We did see Elk, Chipmunks , Canada geese, Mule Deer & of course the Bison.

We are spending the night in Gardiner near mammoth springs & are currently in diner style Chinese scoffing noodles.

Our Search for the elusive bear will continue tomorrow.


  1. Lovely too see all ur pics and fab updates - looks like ur all having a fab time - xx Dawny xx

  2. Thats no rotten eggs and burnt rubber ... thats the curry's from the previous nights. Looks like ian has let out a silent but deadly guff judging by the toxic cloud forming behind him an Holly. LOL Looks realy awesome. Next year you should see if one of the tv channels will document your trip (and pay for it!) your describe everything so well. xxx Liam

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