Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Choo -Choosday

Great day for a train ride! At 09.30 this morning we boarded the Royal Gorge railroad, for a scenic trip through the gorge following the route our raft took yesterday. The Engines & carriages ( including the “glass vista dome” carriage we travelled in ) are vintage and were built throughout the 1930s-50s in Canada they saw service in the Rockies and were restored in the 80’s..
The train ride was great but not a patch on the river ride!

An hour later we arrived in Colorado Springs and we visited “The garden of the gods” a natural rock formation cluster. We took a walk through the gardens & min made friends with a number of puppies & got her picture taken with a butt ugly pug thing.
This evening we are at Ruby Tuesdays American diner , Ian ordered a mashed cauliflower / cheese dish which resembles baby sick, he loves it! ( looks like we’ll be shaking hands goodnight, it stinks!)

Goodnight jim bob, good night mary ellen , goodnight john boy xx

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