Monday, July 28, 2008

sky high balloon ride (hollies blog)

Hi everyone! we went on a hot air balloon ride to day it was super hot!
Us and some other people were picked up from a car park near deer valley airport.
we were picked up in a Chevy mini bus and taken to a clearing in the sonoran desert were we had to wait for the balloons to be inflated it took about 20minutes. when we were ready to fly we singed some forms (organ donation forms hahaha!!!!!) and we go into the balloon the balloon had 5 compartments (4 families and the pilot Patrick whats his face) the balloon is powered by propane gas (like in your bbq) we went up to half a mile (then a mille) and your suposed to kiss your partner at that point but no one did. The ride was spectacular and to top it off we were provided with a gourmet meal provided by vincent.......... oh I cant remember there were chocolate filled croissants ham and cheese quiche and apple and cheese. orange juice cider and champagne was served. Over all the experience was awesome!


  1. I have a comment - where's my FUSE plan?

    Oh - and I see that you are enjoying yourselves.

  2. Oi like the video!!! Brad disappointed though as thought Hollie's bottom would have filled the balloon all the gas that comes from it!!!